Out of Area Teacher

Guidance for CAP schools on completing References in 2020-21

This guidance will enable school advisers to provide the information needed by post-16 centres. It is
drafted by the CAP Transition Group and applies to the reference section within the online application
system. The sub-headings below link to the reference page; some are tick boxes, some drop-down
menus and some comment boxes. Please note that students will not be able to see their reference.

Which of the following best describes your recommendations
If not 'fully supported' please summarise briefly the nature of any reservations in the comment box.

If any response is 'Cause for Concern' please summarise briefly the nature of your concerns.

  • Punctuality: Link this to the percentage of ‘lates’ over the current academic year to date:
      Good 5%
      Acceptable 5-12%
      Concern 12%+
  • Behaviour: This should relate to behaviour during Years 10 and 11. If the student has been
    excluded at all, their behaviour must be poor. If ‘concerned’ please provide further details in
    the comment box together with any behaviour difficulties and the support strategies that have
    been used.
  • Commitment to learning: This refers to attitude to study throughout their time at the school.
  • Relationships with students: An average student can work co-operatively with fellow
  • Relationships with staff: An average student can work co-operatively with teachers.


Give percentage attendance for the previous year and the current academic year to date. If
attendance is below the national average please comment.

Students’ likely support needs
Please indicate the student's likely support needs (physical, learning or otherwise), if any. Declaring
a need will not disadvantage them in any way but will help post-16 providers to plan their student

Anything else to support the application
Any additional comments can be included here. For example an extract from a recent report, or other
brief summary of their secondary school experience, including positions of responsibility and any
significant health issues